google glass video

Google Glass received an update today, XE9, adding a few key features and handy tricks. The Glass team has graced the wearable tech all-star with new cards, for things like public transit schedules and great spots for snapping photos. Sound search also makes its way to Glass, allowing users to search for music, but some reports suggest it’s limited to your Glass timeline.

Glass owners can also watch YouTube videos natively, which Google highlights is useful for how-to videos and quick demos. We can’t imagine anyone would enjoy re-adjusting their line of sight for anything longer than a minute or so.

Google has also implemented an Apps account for Glass, which they note the 20,000 or so users were clamoring for. More than anything else Google has done with Glass to this point, the inclusion of an Apps account login proves they see a strong enterprise aspect to the wearable tech.

Lastly, we have vignettes. When a Glass user snaps a picture with Glass, they now have the option of also imbedding what they see on their screen at the time. A fun feature like this should make Glass a touch more understandable to someone who hasn’t yet grasped the concept of what Glass is about.

While not a robust addition of groundbreaking services, this does give Glass a bit more finish than it’s had to date. Something like this could signal a focus on getting Glass ready for a broader market, like a retail rollout.