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Google Glass XE8 update brings new Google Now cards and new voice commands

The XE8 Google Glass software update brings new Google Now cars, new voice commands, and other features and improvements. Read on for more details!
August 12, 2013
Google Glass XE8 update

Google has released software update XE8 to Google Glass owners, bringing more features to the wearable device, including new Google Now cards and new voice commands.

New Google Now cards

The new Google Now cards will now show Google Glass users information taken directly from Gmail regarding reservations and events. Whether it’s restaurants and hotels or concerts and other events, reminds will be sent to the timeline.

A new movies card is also now available, showing information about movies playing at nearby theaters.

Public alerts will also be displayed in the timeline, based on the proximity of the user to an emergency.

Finally, wishing happy birthday to a contact can now be done via message directly from the birthday reminder card.

Google Glass XE8 update

Ok Glass…

Two new voice commands have also been added, including “post an update” that will work initially by Path, and “take a note” that will be compatible with the Evernote app. Google added that “updates and notes are just the beginning,” with “all sorts of services” coming soon to the device.

Navigation has also received a few new commands, including “show route overview,” “hide route overview,” and “stop directions.”

Adding captions to photos and videos can also be done via the “add caption” command. Furthermore, hashtags can be added in caption by saying “hashtag” while adding a caption; all captions through glass will also get the “#throughglass” hashtag automatically.

Naturally, all these commands are to be said after the “ok glass,” magic hotword.

Voice commands have apparently been optimized, with the company advising users to speak “naturally and chain [their] commands together in one fluid sentence.”

Google Glass XE8 update

Other features

In addition to the features mentioned above, the XE8 update brings new video player controls for users to better enjoy video content (swipe back to rewind or forward to skip over parts of the video).

A volume card is available in Settings, and Glass users will now be able to check their timeline during a video call – a swipe down will put the video call in the background and bring up the timeline to browse through it. However, while checking the timeline during the video call, the camera will be muted.

SMS messaging has also been improved, with outgoing SMS messages now appearing in the timeline.