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Google Glass XE6 update brings better photo quality

The Google Glass XE6 update is here, and the most important improvements are related to photo quality. Find out more in the rest of the article.
June 5, 2013
Google Glass

The Google Glass XE6 update is now available, with the most important improvements being the ones concerning photo quality.

If the previous update, codenamed XE5, brought you, among other things, Google+ notifications, this one deals with the photographic side of things more, because the ability to capture the world around you must be one of the most important reasons you would wear Google Glass.

As mentioned in the Google+ post announcing it, the new software captures a sequence of shots whenever you take a picture with Glass, combining them to improve image quality and yielding better results in dark settings. The software, which will also capture HDR images when in a bright setting, also promises to get results when the subject is in motion.

Here’s an example of the difference between how a picture was captured with the previous software and the current one (the Google+ post at the Source below includes an album featuring a lot of such examples). You can click on the image to see a large version, and you’ll notice some very visible improvements.

Google Glass XE6

Another new thing is that you’ll now be invited to add a caption to your image right after you’ve taken it, using your voice.

Apart from these two important updates, the Project Glass team also promises a number of smaller ones, including changes of notification sounds for Off Head and shutdown, as well as better Google Now cards for Sports and a new card for Birthdays. Off Head detection has also been improved.

Not long after announcing the update, Google has also posted the factory image for the XE6 update on the Glass Developer site, allowing you to flash the device to factory specifications, provided you really know what you’re doing.

Are you one of the lucky Google Glass users? What features would you like to see in the next update?