For those lucky enough to already have their hands on Google Glass, you’ll be happy to know that a new update is rolling out today. While not nearly as significant of an update as we saw last month, the XE10 upgrade still brings a few useful features to the table.

For starters, Glass Explorers that are paired up to their Android phones will now have the option to see transit directions when navigating on Google Glass. This includes info such as “where to change trains, how far you have to walk to the bus stop and how long it should take to reach your final destination.”

In addition to transit directions, Glass will also now allow you to tap on links in notifications, which will take you directly to the linked website.

Finally, Google is also adding avatars to the background of messages and comments. This is certainly a way to spice up the way the Glass interface looks when reading a message/comment. It’s also a nice visual cue so you know exactly who you are talking to.

Sure, none of these new features are huge – but it they are small bits of the puzzle, as each monthly update brings Google Glass one step further towards next year’s commercial launch. For more details on the Glass update, head on over to Google Glass’ G+ account.

Andrew Grush
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