Google Glass touchpad

You know what’s on your face? A pair of eyeballs. You know what’s not on your face yet? Google Glass. The good news is, once they’re on… your eyes will work in true harmony with them!

Our friends over at Living Thru Glass have done some analysis of the APK, and found eye gestures baked in to coincide with the Glass app functionality. We knew the app supported it, but weren’t sure if that was for the future or not. Turns out, blinking is the new swiping!

Interestingly enough, it seems as though the blinking will have the ability to be calibrated. No, not you… Glass! Users may just end up with the ability to control how many winks, blinks, or stinkeyes make Glass do a specified action. For now, it seems limited to taking pictures.

So, in an odd twist of fate… you are supposed to blink, but the people in the picture aren’t. Thanks for blowing our minds again, Google! That leads us to our next Glass photography tidbit: photospheres.

Turns out, Glass will have the ability to take your favorite 360 degree shots! While it’s not ready for prime-time yet, it’s in there! Both the winking and photospeheres were found in the source code, and we suggest you head over to Living Thru Glass  to check it out! After all, Glass is coming soon… or not. Nobody knows yet.