Google Glass

A new update for Google Glass is available to Explorers starting today bringing some new features to the wearable gadget.

According to details posted on Google+, Google Glass will get more voice commands, will let users message or call any Gmail contact and will let you browse the web.

New voice commands will let users use Glass to read text messages aloud and answer them, but also answer phone calls. Sharing support via voice commands is also supported. The list of new voice commands includes:

  • ok glass, read aloud
  • ok glass, reply
  • ok glass, answer call
  • ok glass, share with [contact name]

The update will also let you contact more than ten Gmail friends using the device. As long as you have contacts set up via Gmail, you’ll be able send messages or make calls to any of them from Google Glass.

Finally, the gadget will support web browsing, although it’s probably only a limited experience, considering that you’ll need to use the touchpad to navigate the website. Here are the gestures available to you once you load a website using Google Glass:

  • Scroll – Slide your finger forward on the touchpad to scroll down.
  • Zoom – Slide two fingers forward or backward to zoom.
  • Look around – With two fingers down on the touchpad, move your head around to pan.
  • Click – As you look around, you can tap to select anything in the center of the screen.

Google Glass will be updated automatically in the next few days, so you won’t have to do anything to get the new features.