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Google Glass video shows how the device can be used in everyday life [video]

A new video from the Google Glass team shows how the device can be used in everyday life. Check it out in the rest of the post.
June 11, 2013
Google Glass video

A new Google Glass video shows you how the device can be successfully used in everyday life, giving you answers in situations you come across in various moments.

The video shows Googlers testing the device with various searches, some of them very funny, and putting Google’s search capabilities, and the way they can connect various pieces of information, to work. Verizon has also promoted Google’s voice search capabilities in a new ad (but it’s not Google Glass-related).

Coming back to the new Google Glass video, it must be said that its subjects are asking Glass questions from a lot of areas of activity, and the device seems to have no problem quickly answering them. Moreover, you can use it to instantly get a translation of a few words or a conversion (useful when in a foreign country), check out restaurants around your location, as well as perform mathematical operations and look for flight details.

google glass video

But if those are examples of useful information, the truth is that we usually look for stranger things on Google in our everyday lives. That’s why the video also shows how Google Glass can be used to provide answers to various questions (some of them very funny), or show you pictures you want to see – like some images of Richard Branson in drag (ok, maybe you don’t want to see those). You can also ask it questions that bug you at a certain moment, like “what was the movie in which Jim Carrey gets his memory erased?” or find out what the band that played the “How Bizarre” song was.

The device shows some very good comprehension of spoken language, even when asked to search for something like “Bob Loblaw Law Blog”. All in all, the video shows that you can rely on Google Glass for help in your day-to-day activities:

Are you looking forward to Google Glass? Do you plan on buying the device when it becomes available?