google glass feature

Google Glass is so cool, but we know nothing about it! We have some specs, and know what some users think, but that doesn’t give us a good idea of what it’s like. Everyone who has a pair just goes on and on about how great it is, and how groundbreaking it will be.

The video below gives us a look at what Glass is really like, from a user perspective. For the very first time, we get a better idea of what those users are looking at through Glass. The video is pretty comprehensive, and shows us what can be done, and just how raw the platform really is. In it, our host readily admits not knowing how a few settings work, or how to accomplish certain tasks.

What is interesting is that, after giving a command of “Ok Glass”, you’re presented with a list of secondary commands to give. Rather than having to adapt to some new tribal speak and memorize how Glass works, it tells you… which is comforting. Glass also has a settings menu, which answers some of those questions about how much it will depend on a tethered device for changing how we interact with Glass. It’s also interesting that for some function, he’s using both voice and tap/swipe functions simultaneously.

In watching the video, perhaps a lot of your assumptions and questions will melt away. This is, granted, a shot of a mobile device which is mirroring his Glass headset, but it’s more than we’ve seen to date. This is also the best, most visceral experience you can have without trying them on. Seeing video taken with Glass is cute, but this is the real meat and potatoes.

If you’re not excited about Glass already, this video may do the trick.