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Google Glass root apparently 'easy,' developer says

A developer revealed that rooting Google Glass is apparently "easy," well ahead of the product's commercial launch.
April 26, 2013
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A developer has revealed that rooting the Google Glass is “easy,” well ahead of a commercial launch of the product.

Liam McLoughlin (@Hexxeh) discovered a debug mode on Google Glass enables ADB access and then revealed via Twitter that root is “easy too.” Here’s what he said:

Google Glass runs Android, so hackers will be happy to hear that rooting the product is “easy,” as this will open up doors to further tinkering with the device. Like always, we’ll remind you that that we don’t advise anyone to root any device and that you’ll be the only person responsible for whatever happens during such procedures with your device.

In fact, considering that Google Glass is only available to Explorers, and that Google has some tight rules regarding the use of this early edition glasses, you may want to stay away from hacking the device for now.

McLoughlin also said that he wouldn’t want to do “any serious hacking” on Glass until he’ll get a new one, when asked to bring ChromeOS to Glass:

We’re also going to point out that Google seems to be interested in exercising a bit more control with this particular product. Eric Schmidt on Thursday told a Harvard audience that initially Google will cautiously pre-approve Glass apps and open up the process “in the future.” With that in mind, one could assume that rooting the product is not necessarily something Google would want users to do right now.

Even so, the commercial launch of Glass is still a “year-ish” away, according to the same Schmidt, so it will be a while until regular users will be able to get their hands on a pair and root it. Not to mention that until then, Google could make various changes to Google Glass based on feedback from Explorers, so it’s really early to get excited about this “easy” root.