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Rumor: Google to open retail stores exclusively for Google Glass

A new rumor indicates that Google is considering opening up its own retail stores, dedicated solely to Google Glass. Read on to find out more!
May 7, 2013

Hang on to your hats folks, this rumor is a doozy.

According to an unnamed source reporting to Business Insider, Google may be planning its own retail stores. While we’ve heard this kind of rumor before, what makes this claim truly interesting is that the retail front supposedly will only feature Google Glass.

Obviously, this is a rumor, and should be treated with skepticism. But could it be possible?

Google Glass is quite a bit different than other mobile computing devices out there, which could make for a sharp learning curve. Having a retail presence for Glass could be an important way to train new owners, educate about Glass, and even help some folks get over the fear or distrust of it.

There are also aspects of Google Glass that could use in-store customization, such as making sure the Google Glass frame is properly fitted to your head. It’s also worth mentioning that at some point in the future Google Glass will likely work with frames and lenses for those of us that still wear glasses. Having a retail experience to help with this process could make sense.

If this rumor is true, we’d guess that it would be more of a booth experience than a full-fledged store, something sort of like Samsung experience store, or maybe even a bit more like a Vision Center found in department stores like Walmart. Considering there would only be one product, not much room would be needed, after all.

Why bother with creating a store experience only for Google Glass when Google has so many other great products? That’s a good question. It could be about specialization, knowing that when you go to a Glass Store it is for one thing, and one thing alone. You’d trust that the specialists there would know everything about Glass, without the staff having to also know about every Nexus device and Chromebook as well.

Google Glass isn’t expected to hit commercially until 2014, or at earliest the very end of this year, so even if Google is considering the idea of a retail store, a lot can change between now and then.

What do you think of the idea, does it make sense for Google to have some kind of limited retail experience for the Google Glass?