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Commercial Google Glass release date still a ‘year-ish’ away

The commercial launch of Google Glass is still a "year-ish" away, according to Google's Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt.
April 22, 2013

Google Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt revealed in an interview with the BBC that the commercial Google Glass version won’t arrive for about another year.

Discussing his new book – titled “The New Digital Age” and co-written with Google Ideas head Jaren Cohen – Schmidt touched on a variety of subjects from Google’s driverless cars to privacy matters, to his visit to North Korea and to technology and terrorism. But Google Glass was also one of the topics.

When asked about the new Google product, he said that a developers edition is already available – and we’ll remind you that only Explorers are allowed to use the Glass they received – and that the product is not as near launch as some people would have hoped:

“It’s fair to say that thousands of these will be in use by developers over the next months, and then based on their feedback we will make some product changes, and it’s probably a year-ish away.”

Google previously said that it plans to launch the device by the end of 2013, but considering what Schmidt said about the product, that doesn’t appear to be the case anymore.

Schmidt also addressed Glass-related privacy concerns, saying that the product will help users develop “new social etiquette,” that would be required for the use of a product whose main features include taking pictures and recording video and/or voice:

“The fact of the matter is we’ll have to develop some new social etiquette. It’s obviously not appropriate to wear these glasses in situations where recording is not correct, and indeed you have this problem already with phones,” Schmidt said. “Companies like Google have a very important responsibility to keep your information safe. You have responsibility as well to understand what you are doing and how you are doing it and obey appropriately and also keep everything up to date.”

The full 13-minute BBC interview is available below, in case you want to listen to the entire thing.

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