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Google Glass user goes recording to casino, product not exactly banned yet

A Google Glass owner has used his wearable gadget to record video inside of a casino without getting too much attention from casino personnel. Check out the video.
July 15, 2013
Google Glass
The Google Glass kiosk at I/O 2013

A Google Glass explorer went to several casinos in Atlantic City, using the wearable gadget to record video on the casino floor without getting too much attention from the personnel.

Chris Barrett, the same person that “recently witnessed an arrest on the Jersey Shore and filmed it with his new appendages,” as CNET puts it, is the guy that tried his luck with his Google Glass pair.

As you’ll notice in the short video below, he was able to freely walk the casino floor without being asked what that thing on his head is or does. He even managed to play some slots while recording, and almost got to play roulette on video, but that’s where his luck ended.

The roulette dealer asked him to remove the device, albeit she didn’t seem to know exactly what it does. Barrett explains:

I thought the dealer would get the pit boss and have someone make sure I didn’t put them back on. We ended up walking to the casino lobby and took some photos in Glass in the casino before heading back to our cars.

After the dealer asked me what I was wearing, once I started to bet, she asked me what Google Glass was. I explained to her how I explain it to everyone — what it can currently do and what it could potentially do in the future. I usually offer to let the person try it on, but the casino wasn’t the right place to give a Glass demo.

We walked by numerous security guards and I made eye contact with many people around the casino — not one person, other than the roulette dealer asked me what I was wearing.

Since there’s a lot of talk about Google Glass usage in various places and privacy, it’s certainly interesting to see that the gadget isn’t as conspicuous as one may have imagined. However, not everybody is familiar with Google Glass yet, and chances are that in the future casino personnel will be paying a lot of attention to Google Glass users – after all, apps could count cards better than any human, wouldn’t they?