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Google Glass likely to cost $299 at launch, says Taiwan-based researcher

According to a Taiwan-based researcher named Jason Tsai, Google Glass is likely to arrive with price tag of just $299 when it arrives later this year.
August 9, 2013
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When Google Glass was first released by Google to the general public earlier this year, people who were included in the group of early adopters — called Glass Explorers — were asked to pony up $1,500 each in exchange for the hardware. Many said this price was too high. But surely, Google will tone the price way down once it launches a version of Google Glass for the average consumer, right? According to a Taiwan-based researcher named Jason Tsai, Google will, indeed.

Speaking at a local seminar on wearable devices recently held in Taipei, Taiwan, Topology Research Institute researcher Jason Tsai told reporters that Google Glass could first arrive with a price tag of just $299. This statement is partly based on the fact that the most expensive part of the device is expected to only cost between $30 and $35. And it will likely be supplied by a company called Himax Display, which Google agreed to buy a 6.3 percent stake in back in July.

Google Glass at $299, just in time for the holidays. Wishful thinking? We don’t know. But we certainly wouldn’t mind if that particular wish came true. What about you? Can you see Google selling Glass at $299?