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Google extends Google Glass invites to Play Music All Access subscribers

In what is easily the biggest expansion move since the debut of the Glass Explorers program, Google is now sending out invites to All Access subscribers, giving them a chance to purchase the wearable device for $1500.
December 31, 2013
Google Glass with earbud

Slowly but surely, Google has been working to expand both Google Glass’ features and user base. Most recently, Google added support for Play Music, allowing folks to rock out to their favorite tunes directly from the company’s wearable device.

Now in what is easily the biggest expansion move since Google first introduced the Glass Explorer program, Google is now giving everyone who subscribes to Google Play Music All Access an invite into the Glass Explorer program.

If you’re an All Access subscriber, you might want to check your inbox. Keep in mind that you’ll still need to buy the handset to accept the invite, and it’s still currently price at the same $1500 asking price.


Right now the Glass Explorer program is estimated to have over 15,000 participants, and it is likely that this new mass invite will at least add a few more thousand to the count. What does this all mean? In short, it shows that Google is ready to up the volume of headsets that are out in the wild and it could also indicate that a commercial release isn’t terribly far off.

For now, Google Glass remains a niche device, but it’s clear that Google sees the project as an important step forward when it comes to the growing wearable market. What do you think of Google Glass, would you consider one if the price was lowered — say to something $600 or less? Conversely, do you feel that Glass has limited appeal and will remain a niche product into the foreseeable future?