We imagine it’d take a lot to impress Rupert Murdoch, but your attempt won’t be in vain if you mix fashion and technology. In an epic meeting of the two, the media tycoon was quick to point out the awesomeness of Google Glass after seeing beautiful models strut Sergey Brin’s beloved creation on the runway.

It was designer Diane von Furstenberg who brought Google Glass to the prestigious New York Fashion Week, in time to showcase her collection for fall 2013. The models didn’t only sport the usual couture ensemble, but they also donned that futuristic Google Glass look that wouldn’t look out of place in a Star Trek episode.

There’s a reason why the device was invited to the catwalk. Von Furstenberg is planning to release a short documentary that gives a glimpse of what goes on behind the creative process of her iconic fashion line, with Google Glass being used to capture some footage. The short movie, “DVF through Glass”, will receive its premier on her Google+ page on September 13.

In a statement, von Furstenberg said that she’s excited to bring Google Glass to the world of fashion and hopes it will give everyone (read: geeks) “a unique perspective into fashion”.

Will you be tuning in for the premiere?

Bams Sadewo
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