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Initial batches of Google Glass to be manufactured in the US

According to a Financial Times report, the first few batches of Google Glass could be manufactured in the US, at an assembly facility in Santa Clara.
March 27, 2013
google glass

A couple of days back, Google selected the winners of its #IfIHadGlass competition, with the lucky people given the opportunity to pre-order the much talked about Google Glass, with the hard-to-overlook caveat being that the winners will still have to drum up the $1,500 needed to buy the device. Any new technology is bound to be expensive, but there is now also another possible explanation.

According to a Financial Times report, an unnamed source told the paper that the first batch of Google Glass will be manufactured in the US, more specifically in an assembly facility in Santa Clara, which will be managed by Hon Hai Precision, aka Foxconn. The source mentioned the reason behind this as being the fact that Google would like to keep the manufacturing process closer to home, at least initially, in order to completely oversee the process, while also allowing them to make any last-minute changes if necessary.

Considering the relatively low number of units needed to be manufactured, this move certainly makes sense, especially with quality being the first and foremost consideration to impress the lucky few that will be able to get their hands on this device before it is commercially-released. If Google Glass does go into production, a shift to Asia will definitely happen to keep the prices down.

There’s been a lot of talk recently about how Google Glass may be banned before it even makes off the drawing board, with lawmakers already looking to restrict this unknown but fascinating piece of tech. As my colleague Nate Swanner says, it’s much too early to start concentrating on the negatives about this completely new technology, and we should definitely give it a chance before calling foul. Here’s to hoping that Google Glass is all that we can wish it could be!