Google Glass Vision

For all that we do know about Google Glass, we’ve not seen a lot of app development yet. It hasn’t been long since the mirror API was released for Glass, so we’re not surprised at the lack of forthcoming info. Glass is also a long way from retail, so again… no rush.

Leave it to developers to come up with the right stuff to add, though. For Mike DiGiovanni, the most glaring omission from Glass was a lock screen. Interestingly enough, Glass doesn’t have one. Perhaps this was an oversight by Google, or perhaps they just didn’t see a need to have one on device that is being sent to a limited audience of dedicated developers and early adopters.

Even with a limited user base, there is still a need for security. Not that those who have or will be getting them plan on taking them off, maybe ever, but that doesn’t stop a thief or curious friend. Glass may be an accompaniment to your Android device, but your info is still there. Contacts, videos, pics… that’s all private, and should be protected.

The video below shows a very basic lock screen function for Glass. It seems to be reliant on the touchpad, not gesture based. Maybe this can be manipulated to encompass both touch and gesture at some point, we’re not sure. What we are sure of is that you shouldn’t wear Glass to a baseball game… someone may try to steal third.