google glass girl Credit: DVF

No, we are not here to report that someone broke those restrictive NDAs that Google required their Glass Forge hackaton attendants to sign.

But we have a description of the interface of Google’s futuristic head mounted display, offered by an engineer that recently had the opportunity to try out the Google Glass.

Soumya Mohan, who used the Glass at a tech talk organized at Stanford, took to Quora to describe how the user interface looks and works. According to him, currently the interface is rather crude, only displaying a short “list menu with black background and words written in white”. Among the items in the menu, Mohan recalls  “Click a picture”, “Shoot a video” and “Voice call”.

The whole menu only included about 4-5 options, and Mohan was able to scroll through it by tilting his head. Other controls available were a small touchpad on the side of the glasses and voice command. (No word yet on that bone conduction tech revealed in the FCC Glass filling.)

Although the description given by Soumya Mohan doesn’t give us many details that we haven’t already known, it does suggest that at least the first iterations of the device will be crude devices. How crude? Well, remember those clunky old cell phones made by Nokia? The interface might be just as basic.

Still, all great products have humble origins, and once the Project Glass gathers steam, it will probably develop rapidly. We’re still a long way from the Project Glass: One day… video, but the ground has been broken.

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