google glass glasses

With Google Glass now supporting prescription lenses, it only stands to reason that insurance companies will have to be involved in the process for some users, and so far one company is stepping up.

VPS Global announced that it will start offering prescription lenses to Google Glass users, subtracting a bit from the cost of the already expensive wearable. VPS won’t cover the $1500 cost of the Explorer Edition of Google Glass, but it will reimburse users for lenses for their face computers depending on their prescription.

The insurance provider is already working with Google to put together a program that will train optometrists to work with Google Glass. Turns out attaching a head-up display to a pair of glasses is a pretty complicated process, especially when those glasses have to be adjusted for each individual wearer.

For now the chance to get reimbursed for prescription lenses attached to Google Glass will only matter to a few people, but it’s an important step for when the device is actually released to the public. Those who can justify paying $1500 to be Explorers might not balk at paying outright for prescription lenses for their glasses, but those of us who might buy Glass at a lower price after public release will. It’s nice to see Google is thinking about every aspect of this before launch.

Now it just needs to get more insurance companies on board to support the device.

Are you more excited for Google Glass now that it supports prescription lenses?

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