Admit it: whether you want them or not, you’re curious about Google Glass. What do they do, really? Are they heavy? Is Google concerned about privacy?

It’s such a radical shift in technology, we’re naturally curious. Google is cautious to implement Glass, so those who have actually worn a pair are a rare breed. Even though I had them for a night on the town during I/O, I’m still left with a lot of questions.

The benefit to all this is that we get a chance to see some official answers.

You could go down to the Google Campus in Mountain View, California and beg Googlers wearing them for info, but security would probably frown on that. You could try to find an important guy on the subway in New York wearing them, but I’m pretty sure that only happened once. You could check out a number of Google+ communities, but would you even know where to begin with your questions?

If you’re just plain curious, check out the Google Glass FAQ page, which launched today. In there, you’ll find all kinds of interesting info about Glass, including those potentially embarrassing questions above. From info about the experience of wearing them, all the way down to current news issues dogging the program, the FAQ page is pretty unique and detailed. Google tends to be fairly tight lipped about certain topics, so it’s nice to see them address a few issues as they relate to Glass.

The benefit to all this is that we get a chance to see some official answers. We also have a better idea of what this program and hardware is all about, and can form an opinion on what we’re willing to spend. Oddly enough, the one question not addressed is the one many of us are most interested in: what will it cost at retail?

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