Google Glass Explorers has selected the lucky few to have the chance of pre-ordering the glasses before everyone else.

According to a post on the Project Glass Google Plus page, the results are in, and the lucky winners will be contacted via Twitter and Google Plus in the following days. I must remind you, though, that being one of them doesn’t mean that you won’t have to pay $1500 for Google Glass, it just means you get to try the device before (almost) everyone else.

Apart from expressing its joy for finding Explorers, the Google Glass team has also added that it has kept its word and has only admitted individuals (U.S. only, if you remember) into the program. And that’s even if businesses have submitted applications.

There is still hope for businesses, though, as a promise is made to find other ways to connect with them, in that same post.

I’m curious to see how soon it will be before the lucky Explorers start playing with Glass and begin to share their experiences with the world, telling us how it is to actually use Glass.

Are you thinking of buying Google Glass when the device will be available?

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