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Google Glass Explorer Edition pre-order available for $1,500

June 28, 2012

One of the topics Google shared more details about during yesterday’s keynote was Google Glasses, also known as Project Glass, or smart glasses capable of offering advanced features to users, while on the go. Essentially, Google Glasses are wearable computers and come equipped with a camera that can be used to take pictures and record videos, and a heads up display, which can be used to show relevant information during day-to-day activities. Other features include a variety of sensors (gyroscope, accelerometer, compass) and radios that should come in handy.

Naturally, developers will be able to create apps specifically designed for Google Glass use, and we expect the device to work well with various Android-based products once its launched.

While Project Glass glasses are not commercially available at this time, Google revealed that developers will be able to pre-order a Google Glass “Explorer Edition” unit at Google I/O. Their Glasses will be shipped at some point in early 2013, probably well ahead of the public roll out. The developer unit will cost $1,500 and it’s meant to help developers come up with new interesting ways to use these virtual reality-based glasses.

Unfortunately regular consumers interested in this technology will have to wait a while for Google to make it publicly available. Not to mention that the cost of the device is far from affordable at this point, and we definitely expect Google to lower starting prices once it’s ready to launch the product.

Google demoed one of the uses of Google Glasses – live first-person video streaming – during Google I/O by airing a live Google+ hangout stream coming straight from skydivers that were wearing Google Glasses while skydiving from a blimp and staying connected to Sergey Brin, who was on stage at Google I/O.

Any developer out there pre-ordering Google Glass Explorer Edition?