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When Google unveiled the Glass project last year, it set up the Glass Explorer program. Clearly addressed to would-be developers and early adopters, the program gave Google I/O attendees the opportunity to buy the futuristic head-mounted computer for the princely sum of $1500.

With the next Google I/O approaching, Google is now extending the Explorer program by giving “creative individuals” the possibility to pre-order a Glass headset. This is not a giveaway, mind you – the price will remain the same $1500.

Google is asking those interested in getting a Glass to submit a 50-word application on Google Plus or Twitter. The initiative is dubbed #ifihadglass and is subjected to certain terms and conditions. Unfortunately, non-US residents need not apply.

If you’re interested in becoming an Explorer, here’s how you can apply, with more details on Google’s dedicated page.

Google Glass application

Along with the invitation to the Explorer club, Google revealed what may be the first video of the Glass interface in action. The Google Now-like interface is quite impressive, so make sure to check it out.

Another treat is a trove of press images of the Google Glass, including headshots of flawlessly skinned models wearing the Glass and several images of the actual device.

Google Glass Press (1)

Google Glass Press (2)

Google Glass Press (3)

Google Glass Press (4)

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