Google Glass hand

Google Glass is starting to show its secrets to Explorers, as Jay Lee, one of them, has found out that a hidden panoramic picture of the team working on the device is accessible pretty easily.

Using the My Glass app, which works together with Glass, you just need to go to Settings, and then to View licenses under Device info and then tap the touchscreen nine times. With each tap, “an audible beep increasing in pitch” is heard. That’s what Lee did, and was surprised to come across a head-controlled panoramic picture of the Google Glass team (you can check out a part of it below, and you can even see Sergey Brin there).

google glass

The photo has been hidden there by Mike LeBeau, Senior Software Engineer at Google, who was surprised that it was found this fast. He said that the reason why the image is in there was that the team “rocks,” which is why it deserved to be memorialized inside Google Glass. While you can take a look at the picture, LeBeau says that you’ll need Glass itself to fully enjoy it.

Google is no stranger to Easter Eggs, as the company is known to hide them in a lot of its products (remember the ones in Android 4.0, 4.1 and 4.2, to name just a few of them) and it’s safe to assume that Google Glass hides more of them. While they’re found and while you wait for Google Glass to be released worldwide, you can check out some of the most interesting Google Glass videos so far.

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