How Guys Will Use Google glass

A new parody showing how guys could use Google Glass to impress women on dates has hit the web. Humor aside, it could be an accurate prediction of a not-so-distant future.

The Glass is coming this year, says Google. Brace yourselves.

A few months from now, we might bump into people sporting these funny looking glasses with a tiny light blinking on a side. The people wearing them would be able to control them with subtle head movements, voice commands, or a tiny touchpad mounted on the side. They could take a pic of you, record you, or even search for you on Google+ (Facebook is passé, you know?).

A few years from now, the Glass might be everywhere, built into seemingly normal eyewear and very hard to spot. Have you wondered how our daily lives would be affected?

Facebook lookups are already a common ritual for people going on dates. Can you imagine how dates would be like, when people will be able to use technology to replace… well, an actual personality?

Seattle-based comedian Dartanion London (nice name, bro) asked himself just that, so he made the funny sketch above, titled “How Guys Will Use  Google Glass”. Parody aside, I actually think the video could be eerily accurate at predicting a future dominated by wearable computers, from Google Glass to Siri-enabled watches.

What do you think?

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