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Google Glass app 'boutique' will open in 2014

With Google Glass reportedly coming to average consumers sometime in 2014, it's been announced that there will be an app 'boutique' coming with it.
September 4, 2013
Google Glass
The Google Glass kiosk at I/O 2013

Every since Google started their Glass Explorers program, people have been wondering when Google Glass will make it to consumers. It’s pretty much common knowledge that it will launch sometime in 2014, but we’re still unsure as to where it’ll be sold and how much it will cost. For now, we do at least know there will be an app store released around the same time in 2014.

According to The New York Times, Google will be launched a Google Glass optimized app store in 2014, likely before the launch of the actual Glass product. This shouldn’t surprise many people thanks to a recent update to Google Glass which spilled the beans on an app ‘Boutique’.

So far, the details are sparse. Obviously, the Boutique will have apps solely for Google Glass so owners won’t have to wade through the crowded play store to find apps specifically for them. It’ll also be interesting to see how many app devs can get their product out there before Google Glass is actually released.

That said, are there any apps that you hope to see for the Boutique? We already know that Google will have no tolerance for pornography, but there are still a number of other uses for it.