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Google Glass’ original project leader leaves for Amazon

The original project leader of Google Glass, and one of its founding fathers, has now left Google for Amazon.
July 14, 2014

While Google Glass has yet to make a major impact commercially, the project has certainly made the headlines on more than one occasion. This is in part due to its potential and, in other part, the controversy that has surrounded the product.

Google Glass’ future might not be certain just yet, but the man that originally led the development of the Glass project will no longer be part of whatever comes next for the wearable headset. Babak Parviz has confirmed that it he has been hired by Amazon, and that he is excited about “what [they] might accomplish”. It’s unclear what exactly Parviz might be doing as part of Amazon’s team, but it more than likely is aimed at further expanding the company’s hardware ambitions.

Amazon started as an e-tailer that eventually progressed to selling its own line of e-readers, than tablets, and more recently a set-top box and a smartphone. So what’s next? That’s a good question, but Samsung, LG, Motorola and countless other companies have begun making the move towards wearables — perhaps Amazon will be next.

To that end, Parviz said last week at a wearable technologies conference in San Francisco that “Google Glass is one answer to that question. It’s not necessarily the definitive answer.” Could Amazon be planning to make a move into the wearable market, or is it more likely that they will utilize Parviz’s talents for its other hardware-related projects?