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Google Glass for just $299? Let’s not get ahead of ourselves here.

Recently the entire web has been abuzz over one researcher's claim that Google Glass could come in at just $299. As it turns out, sources close to the Glass Team claim it will likely cost more than this.
August 12, 2013
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Just a few days ago, about every tech site on the planet (Android Authority included) seemed to be buzzing about the idea of Google Glass hitting an ultra-low launch price of around $299. As you might already know, if something seems too good to be true, it often is.

Eager to find the truth, reporter Jason Gilbert reached out to folks that were “close to Google’s Glass team”. The verdict? The price will be higher than $299, though the sources didn’t get into an specifics as to how much more.

To be fair, using anonymous sources means that Gilbert is essentially debunking one rumor with yet another – so keep that in mind. The headset might certainly be $299, despite what these sources say. Heck it could be even lower.

That said, I wouldn’t be all that surprised if Glass does end up costing more.

There are plenty of unknown factors involved here.

As much as many of us would love to get our hands on Glass for just $299, the originally quoted price of $299 was reached based on looking at the device’s hardware costs. Topology Research Institute’s Jason Tsai didn’t stop to consider the costs involved that go way beyond parts.

In reality, we really don't know how much Glass will cost. All we know for fact is that Glass will not cost $1500. Beyond that, Glass could set us back anywhere from a penny to $1499.99.

While Google is known for coming close to at-cost pricing with devices like its Nexus phones and tablets, we have to realize that Google Glass is a significantly different kind of mobile device than any other on the market. Although many of its parts and even its OS is based on existing tech, Glass still likely incurred quite a few expenses when it came to R&D spending.

There’s also the matter of Google Glass being shadowed by constant controversy and misunderstanding. If Google wants to shake some of its criticisms, it will need to invest in solid marketing in order to demystify its wearable computer, which could help folks realize that its not necessarily as scary as some suggest.

Finally, Google might be planning on trying to get Google Glass onto as many heads as possible, or they could be interested in pricing a little higher so that they can keep the number of early adopters low as they continue to improve the Google Glass experience. There are just so many unknowns involved here.

If not $299, how much?

Based on past comments from Sergey Brin, we know Google Glass will come at a price that is significantly lower than the original Explorer Edition devices. We have also heard past reports suggesting Glass will price similarly to off-contract flagship smartphones. If this proves true, that could put the device closer to the $450 – $800 mark.

In reality, we really don’t know how much Glass will cost. All we know for fact is that Glass will not cost $1500. Beyond that, Glass could set us back anywhere from a penny to $1499.99. What do you think of Google Glass, how much would you be willing to pay for it?