You have probably heard about the first Ice Cream Sandwich phone, the Galaxy Nexus, to be released anytime this year by Samsung. And, you might have already inquired from your carrier to ask how much you’d need to get it.  Hold still for a minute because you just might get one free straight from Google, as the search giant is making the wishes of 10 lucky fans come true.

Since late last week, Google has started running a promotion to drum up attention towards its latest Nexus device.  One Galaxy Nexus will be awarded daily until November 21, which almost everyone now suspects–and reasonably so–to be the release day for the Galaxy Nexus.  The last two times Google ran a contest like this for the Nexus One and the Nexus S, the contest end dates coincided with the devices’ release dates.  So, it is safe to assume with higher certainty that November 21 is the official release date for the Galaxy Nexus.

To be honest, being lucky doesn’t do you any good in this contest because Google announced that the contest is skill-based.  Starting last November 12, Google has been posting challenges, puzzles, and essay questions on Google+ and Twitter for participants to try their hand at.   If you want to take part in the challenges, you might want to take a look at the official contest rules.   All answers will be evaluated and judged to determine the winners.

For those who have been dying to get a hold of the Galaxy Nexus, this is something that you might want to consider. So, keep those pockets still for a few more days because you might actually get yourself a brand-new Galaxy Nexus for free. Don’t forget to follow Google’s Twitter and Google+ accounts, too.

Do you think you are smart enough to get yourself one? Or, would you rather buy the Galaxy Nexus when it is launched?