image_93As I am sure some of you will be aware, Google provided a little surprise at their I/O conference this year. All 4000+ attendees got a box with not only a link to where they can download the latest software development kit for Android, but also the latest documentation too! Not bad hey? Especially when you throw in the fact every box also has a limited edition HTC Magic (called the Google Ion) thrown in that cannot be purchased anywhere else. Eat your heart out Apple. It’s at times like this that I really wish I could have gone to the developers conference!

On top of this good news, Google’s Andy Rubin, senior director for Mobile Platforms for Google, has speculated that there may be as many as 20 Android based devices/phones out by the end of this year. This number does not even include the small manufacturers that have currently failed to let Google know of their intentions to use Android. These phones will be spread among 8 or 9 different manufacturers, although no names were dropped. We are really starting to witness an ever technical battle between some of the world’s greatest and largest software houses. There are over four billion phones out there so you can see why there is so much hot interest. Almost every analytical firm under the sun has suggested this is the most important sector for these types of firms over the years to come.

Rounding things off, the Mobile Metrics Report from AdMob shows that Google’s Android accounts for nearly 10% of all mobile web traffic in the USA. Together with Apple’s iPhone, they account for nearly 75% of all mobile web traffic. Not bad. So tying things up nicely, we can clearly see that as long as the aforementioned devices hit the shelves on time, we are quite clearly going to see a massive spike in the percentage distribution of mobile web traffic in Android’s favour towards the end of this year.