In a future article, we will go over the inherent beauty of the Google Fiber Internet plan and its forecasted undermining of the monolithic structure that is US ISP’s. In this edition, we will briefly cover one of the services the plan serves to meet, and its a large segment of the market: HDTV.

Broadband TV is not a new concept, with HDTV, DVR, and the now defunct TiVO, being used for the 1st generation of Internet based streaming video. Households now have the option to watch and record, just about anything they can lay their eyes on. Google intends to meet this market heads on and give people a deal they cannot refuse. With a seemingly no-brainer to have Google’s infrastructure piped into own’s home, they follow up with a no-fuss tiered choice system:

  • Gigabit TV/Internet at $120/month
  • Gigabit Internet at $70/month
  • Free Internet w/ $300 construction fee

The first option is the item we should focus on here. It appears $120 will garner you a 2 year contract with a full channel lineup, and during that time, you’ll receive goodies like a Nexus 7 which will act as a remote TV. A few other mentionables are:

  • TV Box
  • Storage Box
  • Network Box
  • 1TB Google Drive
  • optional Chromebook ($299)

Now hold on to your hats, because Google is announcing that it will have no data caps on any of its plans. This is strictly to complement the HD-Ready TV boxes it’s serving up, but it’s sure to make even the cheap customers happy. No monthly fees just to watch HDTV? Why thank you Google! If you’re excited about this, the city list is relegated right now to KC, Missouri/Kansas But preregistration is until September 9th so you have a little over a month to take part in what could be a real market-shaker as the network gets rolled out across the country.