Google shook the nation (well, mostly ISPs and carriers) when it announced that it will roll out an ultra-fast speed Internet service, Google Fiber. With an ambitious plan to connect every neighborhood in America, though not all at once, with its gigabit Internet access, the folks in Kansas City were more than happy to sign up for the service, which starts at a very attractive price of $0 – though there’s a one-time $300 construction fee.

Ever since Google opened the pre-registration page for Google Fiber in the area, which was done in a six-week period to gauge interest, the responses have been phenomenal, with three neighborhoods – or Fiberhoods – meeting the quota on the very first day. Google said that so far 180 out of 202 fiberhoods have qualified for the gigabit Internet access, with more possibly being added as the final numbers are still being crunched and verified.

With such a high majority of people evidently interested in Google Fiber in what is set to be its first major debut in the U.S., it bodes well for other cities and regions in the country.

The final list of qualified fiberhoods hasn’t been released yet, but those anxious to find out if their area made it can expect to see it this week. We’re not sure which data plan is the most popular one, but it’s safe to assume that the free Internet plan would be quite high up on the list.

Even though it’s free, Google promised that the download speed will reach up to 5Mbps. Other plans being offered are the Gigabit Internet package ($70 per month) for up to gigabit of download/upload, and the Gigabit + TV Internet plan ($120 per month) that promises the same speed, though customers will get lots of goodies, which include a free Nexus 7 tablet, TV Box, 1TB Google Drive, and more.

Anyone in Kansas City signed up for Google Fiber? As for others, are you looking forward for the service to hit your city?