One of the most awaited projects from Google in the past few years, Google Fiber, has finally been launched.

The average American consumer should be very excited about this project, because, even if Google doesn’t intend to compete with other ISPs on a national level, the service should still push ISPs to try to match Google’s speed and pricing. Seeing how US has one of the slowest and most expensive internet industry in the world, this move is a very welcome one, indeed.

But why is this important to Google? Google is at a point (and has been for a while) where it can only grow by expanding “the Internet”. They grow by helping people browse faster and get access to faster Internet. Plus, gigabit speeds will help proliferate more advanced web-apps, once people won’t have to worry about their Internet speed anymore. A fast browser and a fast Internet connection is what’s needed for that, as we already have very cheap storage and powerful enough computers.

Google has split their Google Fiber plans in 3:

  • a $120/month plan, that offers 1Gbps Internet connection, with Fiber TV and a Nexus 7 included
  • a $70/month plan, that offers 1Gbps Internet connection
  • a “free” plan, that offers a 5 Mbps Internet connection

$120/month package

  • 1 Gbps Internet (download and upload)
  • no data caps
  • full channel TV lineup
  • free Nexus 7 (you can use as TV remote as well)
  • TV box
  • 2 TB storage box (for recordings)
  • network box (includes 802.11a/b/g/n 360 Mbps Wi-Fi)
  • 1 TB of Google Drive storage
  • 2 year contract
  • $300 construction fee (temporarily waived)
  • optional: $299+ Chromebooks

$70/month package

  • 1 Gbps Internet (download and upload)
  • no data caps
  • network box
  • 1 TB Google Drive
  • 1 year contract
  • $300 construction fee (temporarily waived)
  • optional: $299+ Chromebooks

Free Internet package

  • free 5 Mbps download/1 Mbps upload (average national speeds)
  • no data caps
  • free service guaranteed for at least 7 years
  • network box
  • $300 construction fee upfront or 12 payments of $25/month
  • optional: $299+ Chromebooks

The Google Fiber service will only start in Kansas City (both Missouri and Kansas) for now, but Google promised it will become available in other cities, depending on how much those cities want them there.

Google announced that the fiber network will be turned on selectively, in the neighborhoods of KC that are most interested in getting Fiber. To gauge this interest, Google has announced a sign up program ($10 fee); the “Fiberhoods” with the most signups, will get Google Fiber first. The sign up period extends to September 9, so if you want to benefit from Google Fiber, head over to the pre-register page.

Are you hoping Google Fiber will be available in your area, too?

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