A few days ago we reported on Google Fiber Gigabit Internet and it’s expected value on the market. But we never expected anything quite like this: Kansas City, MO is now hovering at the 25th percentage mark for having all Google thresholds met. If you’ll recall, Google is requesting that fiberhoods meet certain quota before they rollout their network in a specific area. It’s being reported that eligible fiberhoods are surpassing demand and the numbers just keep rising.

Keep in mind, this statistic is only for the Missouri side where apparently people can buy into such ideas. Things are not so bright for the folks over in Kansas City, Kansas, where it’s being reported many of the fiberhoods are still lacking signups or have no signups whatsoever. This is due, in part, to a lower income structure and also Time Warners’ death grip on the area; they are currently working on changing their TOS/contract agreements to make it difficult to switch over to another ISP.

Some potential customers have taken to being pro-active and actually hiring salesmen for their fiberhoods, so as to meet Google thresholds. It should be noted, however, a signup does incur a $10 fee. Last but not least, this is only the preregistration phase, so if fiberhoods meet their goals, only then will they get priority rollout status from Google. Basically, Google has pitted citizens of different areas against each other, but in a friendly way, so as to compete and see who can get this wonderful new service first.