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Google reportedly trialling new 'EnergySense' smart thermostat service

According to several new reports and leaks, Google is currently trialing a new smart thermostat program, dubbed 'EnergySense'. Keep reading to learn more!
December 17, 2013

It’s been two years since Google retired its PowerMeter energy monitoring service, but it looks like the Mountain View giant is now getting back into the energy monitoring game!

On Monday the Information first reported on Google’s EnergySense smart thermostat project, and today we are learning even more. Not only do we now have a better idea of what the service can do, we also know what the official app looks like — as you can see in the screenshots above and below.

So what exactly is EnergySense all about? The project is actually comprised of two separate components that work together: the thermostat hardware and the Google app/service that controls it.

On the hardware end, Google is said to be using standard Ecobee-branded smart thermostats, at least for the time being. Of course it’s important to note that Ecobee’s CEO Stuart Lombard says that aren’t working directly with Google, though he acknowledges the company could still be using Ecobee hardware.

Since Google isn’t making hardware, that means the real magic comes down to the EnergySense service and app that utilizes it. In short, EnergySense allows you to control your home’s temperature anywhere in the world by using an Android device or a web browser. Beyond this, there’s also the ability to create scheduled presets for things like when you’re awake, away and asleep.

At the moment all settings and presets are user-defined, though Google is said to be looking into bringing improved automation features such as predictive learning.


As for when we’ll actually see the service announced, it’s hard to say. All we (think) we know for sure is that Google is currently testing the service using non-employee “trusted testers” in select cities. It’s also unclear whether Google plans to expand the EnergySense service to devices other than thermostats.

If and when Google does make the project public, the search company will already have quite a bit of competition, particularly from brands like Nest. What do you think, would you be interested in Google’s EnergySense service? Conversely, are you already satisfied by other smart appliance and thermostat services currently available?