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A source with knowledge of the matter told Android Authority that one other “Google Edition” phone is coming this year, along with one X Phone.

Much ink has been spilled in the last few days over the so called Google Edition phones. The announcement of the Galaxy S4 and the HTC One with the Nexus user experience has sent shockwaves throughout the Android community. And it seems more is coming.

A source with knowledge of the matter told Android Authority that a total of three Google Edition smartphones are coming this year. These don’t include a “regular” Nexus device. The source hasn’t specified who would make the third Google Edition phone, but we considered Sony and LG the most likely candidates. We’ve been sitting on this info for a few weeks now, trying to confirm the identity of the third manufacturer.

Now, new reports indicate that the third Nexus experience device may be the Sony Xperia Z. Both Android Geeks and Android Central claim that trusted sources have confirmed to them that the Xperia Z will be joining the Samsung Galaxy S4 and the HTC One in the Google Edition club.

Considering the tip from our source, and given Sony’s longtime commitment to AOSP and the fact that the Xperia Z already has an AOSP project (announced even before the Galaxy S4’s), we tend to believe the reports.

One more piece of valuable information from our source – apparently, there will only be one Moto X phone this year. This is significant because back in March a rumor claimed the X Phone would be the name of a group of phones, rather than one hero device. If our insider is accurate, there will only be one Moto X this year. Come to think about it, it makes sense for Motorola to keep the “X” branding undiluted. Moreover, CEO Dennis Woodside referred to the Moto X as one device, though he did say that Motorola is preparing several completely new phones.

If real, the Sony Xperia Z with the Nexus user experience will probably launch with the exact same hardware as the regular version. Check out our Xperia Z review here for what to expect. We expect it to sell it in the Play Store, along with the two other Google Edition phones, probably at the same price. One report said that July is a likely launch window, but we can’t confirm anything here.

Sony sent invitations for an event that will take place in Germany on June 25, which may be a good occasion to unveil the stock Android Xperia Z. The 6.44-inch Togari (Xperia ZU) may also be unveiled then. However, that’s only speculation for now.