Google has just updated their Google Earth App, fixing a very pesky bug that was causing the app to crash during startup on Tegra 2 Devices. NVIDIA uses special instructions for the Tegra chip, and while they work amazingly well when used properly, sometimes different specialized hardware makes it difficult for generic apps like most of the Google Apps, including Gmail, YouTube and Google Earth to work right.

Google Earth certainly pushes the limit of what a mobile GPU can handle, and needed a bit of tweaking to run it all on the devices using a Tegra chip. Another form of the much talked about Android fragmentation, which looks like Google is trying to take a stand on with Android 4.0 and the news they published on the Android Developers Blog yesterday.

If you are a big Google Earth user make sure you download the update and let us know what you think of the update. Did Google do their normal awesome job with this app, or was it a little less then expected? We love hearing your opinions.