It’s Update Wednesday and while the most exciting thing to come from Google is the new Inbox from Gmail app, Google is also rolling out a new Google Earth update that includes new 3D rendering tech and a few other tweaks.

In their blog post, Google says that 3D images will now look much better and that users will see ““faster, smoother, and crisper transitions as you’re zooming into your dream destination in Google Earth. Thanks to a new 3D rendering technology—the first major 3D overhaul since Earth launched more than 10 years ago—sharper views of mountains and cities are just a virtual skydive away.” In addition, Google will give updates the same time as Google Maps basemaps from now on, meaning faster updates for Google Earth.

While the new 3D rendering tech and faster updates are the biggest changes,Google also mentions roads will be getting nicer labels, Google Earth can now open KML files directly, and you can also expect the typical bug fixes that come with these sorts of updates.

The latest version of Google Earth will start rolling out to Google Play over the next fews, though we’ll be sure to update his post if we manage to get our hands on an APK ahead of the full rollout. For those that have already received the update, what do you think of the changes?

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