Google Earth for Android

Google just announced that its Google Earth application is now available for the Nexus One.  Google makes mention of the need for a fast processor and 3D graphics, but does say that other Android 2.1 devices will be able to run it – and even specifically mentions the Motorola DROID for Verizon, which is waiting on its Android 2.1 update.  The HTC Desire and Acer Liquid e will both ship with Android 2.1.

Google says that Earth on Android even gets some new features not seen on the desktop version, such as voice search.  The roads layer is supported, and you can also browse photos, places, and businesses – just like on the desktop.

You can find the app by searching on “Google Earth” in the Android Market on an Android 2.1 device.

A small gallery of screen shots is available after the jump.  More info at Google.