The barely three months old Google Drive has some catching up to do with other cloud storage solutions that have been around in the game longer. One of the keys to get people to make that move – aside from offering loads of storage – is to win the hearts of developers so that the Drive can be integrated into more apps for an enhanced user experience. The software development kit for Google Drive has been expanded to include third-party apps integration.

The new Google Drive SDK, which is available for Android and iOS, allows for a tighter integration of third-party apps with Google’s cloud storage service. Developers can now code their apps so that users will be able to open, save and upload files within the apps in an interrupted flow. The user’s storage is capped at a maximum file size of 10GB.

There are many possible scenarios to this kind of usage. For example, game developers can give users the option of placing their saved game files on the cloud as back-ups. And along with the full mobile support, the new embeddable sharing component of Google Drive allows users to share their files easily. They can also open Google document formats using any app that supports the export formats.

The new Google Drive SDK can be downloaded from Google’s developer website right here.

Bams Sadewo
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