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Google teams up with HTC to offer 25-50GB Drive space for two years on select HTC devices

For owners of select HTC devices like the One and One Max, you'll be happy to know your device may be eligible for 25-50GB free Google Drive space.
October 24, 2013

HTC fans listen up, Google has a deal for you! In collaboration with HTC, Google is offering up extra Google Drive space for two years to select HTC devices. The deal will apply to both new and existing owners.

Here’s how it works: HTC One Max owners simply need to launch up the Google Drive app and will be presented with the promo offer. You’ll then push redeem and will then find 50GB of extra space added to your account for the next two years.

For the rest of the HTC crowd things get a bit more complicated. First, only select 2013 models like the HTC One seem to be covered by this promo. Second, you’ll have to wait until Sense 5.5+ hits your device, which is right now for some HTC One owners in Europe.

Once the Sense 5.5+ upgrade arrives, your Google Drive app should have a notification that presents you with the free space offer. Keep in mind that you’ll only 25GB of extra space for the HTC One and other eligible devices (besides the Max).

If you’re in a market that will be waiting on Sense 5.5+ for a while longer, don’t worry – this offer isn’t going anywhere. You have between now and January 1, 2016 to redeem the promotion. For more details, you’ll want to head on over to Google’s official support page.