Starting today, Google is significantly cutting down the cost of Google Drive storage. While you still get the same 15GB for free, you can now jump up to a sizable 100GB for just $1.99 (previously $4.99) a month.

For those looking for 1TB of data, you’ll see a savings of 80% over what Google used to charge. Instead of shelling out $50 a month, you’ll now only have to pay $9.99 — which is an impressive amount of space for the money. Need 10 TB or more? You can get 10TB for $99.99 a month, with an additional $10 per additional TB. The max available storage space size is 30TB.

With the new price cuts, Google Drive’s storage offerings just became a hell of a lot more competitive. In comparison, Box’s pro pricing is 100GB for $9.99, $19.99 for 200GB and $49.99 for 500GB. Turning to Microsoft’s OneDrive you’ll find 7GB for free, 50GB for $25, 100GB for $50 and 200GB for $100.


For Android users, Google Drive was already an obvious choice due to just how well it works with the platform. Now with the new pricing, a good thing just became even better. What do you think of Google Drive’s latest pricing compared to other alternatives out there? Do you use a competing service, and if so, will the new pricing make you consider switching to Drive? Let us know what you think in the comments!

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