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Google Drive to offer 5GB of free cloud storage space: leaked screenshot

March 31, 2012
As portable hard-drives slowly become (to a certain extent) obsolete, an increasing number of people want to be able to remotely access data from any device with an internet connection. This is exactly what cloud storage aims to provide. Be it a movie, a word document, or a zip archive, cloud storage services enable you to access information you’ve previously uploaded from virtually every Internet-enabled corner of the world (odd, since the Earth is round).

The potential of development is huge, so every major web company is trying to grab a piece of the cloud storage pie, from Microsoft (SkyDrive) to Apple (iCloud). According to a couple of rumors fueled by leaked screenshots, Google is planning to soon release their own cloud storage service, dubbed Google Drive.

The original rumor surfaced at GigaOM and claimed that Google Drive will become available in early April and will be limited to 1GB of data. At that point, many claimed that 1GB is too little storage space compared to the average 30GB offered by players in the (paid) cloud-based storage market, such as Dropbox, Box, and SugarSync.

A few days later, a screenshot of the desktop client for Google Drive was leaked, pointing towards a maximum 2GB of space offered for free. Fast forward another few days, and I am now here to report about a leaked screenshot of the Google Drive web-service, one the claims Google Drive will feature 5GB of free storage space. Most likely, you’ll be able to buy more storage space, but the tariffs are obviously unknown at this point.

Google Drive
As the latest screenshot shows that Google Drive will include a document editor, there are some that think Google Drive might be launched as an extension to Google Docs, the cloud-based document editing service currently offered by the search giant. Others believe Google Drive will actually be integrated with Google + and that it will also include a photo and video editor (both features that Google currently offers in some of their services).If Google Drive turns out to be real (and I’m willing to bet it will), it’s highly probable that we won’t get an iOS app anytime soon as Google will probably want to use the service as an Android-only feature.

What’s your take on Google Drive? Are the rumored 5GB of free storage space enough for your current needs? Will you be willing to buy more if the price is right? Let us know in the comment section below!