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Google and Dish Network strike a deal to make their own wireless service

With other wireless services giving Google the stiff arm, Google has finally decided to do something about it. A deal has been struck between Google and Dish Network to create their own wireless service.
November 18, 2012
Dish Network

Wireless services haven’t always been good to Google. Most devices have Google Wallet blocked. Out of the four major carriers, Sprint is the only one with Google Voice support. Verizon and Sprint Nexus devices had to delay updates from Google for quality assurance. It hasn’t been pretty.

Well all that may be coming to an end. Google and Dish Network have struck a deal to create their own wireless service. According to 9 to 5 Google, Dish Network has been looking to do something with the wireless spectrum they purchased a couple of years ago.

The details are sparse. However, it has at least been confirmed that it’s actually happening. However, 9 to 5 Google reports that development plans have been underway for some time. A potential release for the wireless service could be as early as 2013. Paired with Google’s Google Fiber project, this will give Google a lot more control over ISP service, TV service, and wireless service.

How will Google and Dish Network services be different?

For fans of Google, there will be a number of good changes. As mentioned, Google Wallet won’t be blocked anymore. 9 to 5 Google reports that most of the services will be handled by Google Voice. That means the entire service would be data only, with voice and text services being handled by VoIP services.

How the services and pricing will work is still among the details that are under wraps. However, considering that it’ll be a data only service, the pricing will likely be much more simple than conventional carrier pricing. It could very well be cheaper as well.

So what is everyone’s thoughts on this? Would a nationwide Google and Dish Network service be good competition for the big four in the US? Or will they likely end up like the smaller companies? Let us know what you think.