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Google sends Microsoft cease and desist letter for Windows Phone YouTube app for lack of ads

May 15, 2013
Microsoft vs Google
Based on the portrayal of Google in one of Microsoft’s more recent TV ads, it may look like Google is in a bind with Apple over phones, while Microsoft sits the fight out and generally just keeps enjoying its peaceful existence. However, reality could not possibly be farther from the truth.

Microsoft is currently battling with Google for the right to let users download and use a Windows Phone-based YouTube app for, well, watching YouTube videos on Windows Phone. But apparently, Google doesn’t want that. And according to an exclusive report on The Verge, Google has now issued a cease and desist letter in order to get Microsoft to stop what it’s doing at once.

Google’s demand is a simple one. As specified in the cease and desist letter that it sent to Microsoft (and addressed to Todd Brix), it just wants the Microsoft YouTube app to be taken down from the Microsoft store and that all existing installations of it should be disabled by May 22.

For its part, Microsoft has responded to Google’s demands by saying that it would be happy to cooperate with the search giant to show ads on its YouTube app, but only if Google itself offers some cooperation first. Unless this altercation gets taken care of very soon, users will keep getting caught in the crossfire between companies, which is particularly bad since there doesn’t seem to be an end in sight. For now, Windows Phone users are encouraged to check out other YouTube app choices available from the Microsoft Windows Phone store unless the matter gets settled.

To read the cease and desist letter sent out by Google to Microsoft in its entirety, go to the source link below.