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Google's Deep Shot: Sync apps to your Android device in a snap

March 28, 2012
Google Deep Shot

I’m a geek, so it makes perfect sense for my vision of a perfect world to involve mobile devices (such as smartphones, tablets and laptops), as well as static devices (such as desktop computers and gaming consoles), all converging together into a single, multifaceted experience. I’m quite tired of having to feel the impact of jumping from one device from another, although they are capable of roughly the same tasks. Fortunately for the optimistic monkey inside me, Google’s Deep Shot project represents an evolutionary step towards convergence.

To illustrate how devices inter-operate in their current state, let me give you an example: I can start writing this article in Google Docs from my desktop, drop a few words, and then decide to continue working on it from my tablet. But that transition is nothing if not noticeable, despite being quite a simple function. I want it to be instant and seamless: at a push of a button, I want the current state of the document in my Firefox browser to be automatically transferred to my Android tablet. The same for when I’m browsing, writing code, or even playing games, independently of the platform.

This is exactly what a fresh Google patent addresses!

Originally developed at MIT (Google now has exclusive rights to the patent and it currently employs one of the researchers that worked on the initial project), Deep Shot uses a smartphone’s camera to identify the state of a system, and then provide roughly the same state on your smartphone, scaled down when needed. Here’s an official introduction video:

According to Google, the same technology could also work with games. This PS Vita ad reflects the same principle, but remember that this is just one of Deep Shot’s applications:

Since the patent was revealed, people across the web showed hope that Google’s Deep Shot will be integrated into the upcoming Google Assistant (a competitor to Apple’s Siri), further adding to its appeal. Obviously, there is a lot you can do with this technology, but given the fact that Google also needs the support of other platforms (Windows, macOS, iOS, PSN), we’re still a long way before we think of Deep Shot as the technology that made platform convergence simple.

What do you guys think? Will Google be able to work together with its competitors to provide a revolutionary app? Or will they choose exclusivity over platform parity? Let us know what you think in the comment section below!