Google Currents has become more and more popular, especially since the last UI makeover, and now the latest update comes with some useful new additions, including audio playback features and post syncing.

The new audio features are integrated in the app in a very useful fashion. Basically, if a post includes audio, you’ll get a “Play audio” link below it which will start the audio feed. You can then listen to the feed while reading other content.

You’ll notice an audio symbol at the bottom of the screen, which, when clicked, brings up the “Audio media bar” as the release notes call it.  The media bar allows you to go to the next or previous item in the playlist, as well as to stop, play or pause.

Finally, the new version also includes the possibility to sync a post’s state between devices, which can be very useful if you have more than one device on which you’re using the app.

Are you using Google Currents yourself, or do you prefer another app for your news reading needs?

Bogdan Bele
Bogdan is a tech writer and blogger, passionate about everything mobile in general and Android in particular. When he's not writing about technology or playing with various gadgets (which he's doing most of the time), he enjoys listening to a lot of music and reading.