Nexus One owners will soon be able to purchase official car and multimedia docks for their shiny new devices.  The info was pulled from a Google Nexus One online help page showing users how to navigate the car dock mode.  The accessories were further confirmed by a Google employee in the official Google mobile forums that there would be docking stations (plural) available soon.  Looking at the screenshot posted, we can assume that these docks will function much like the Motorola Droid’s docks, though it was earlier reported that the Nexus One’s mulitimedia dock would include some form of Bluetooth support, which the Droid’s does not.

Being a Droid user myself, I have purchased and use both of the docks on a regular basis – mainly as a charging station and for navigation use.  Currently, we have no information on the manufacturer of these dock’s but one would hope that HTC would be fully capable and willing to bring this product out for their device and keep a consistent look between the two.  Nexus One owners out there, will you be springing for these accessories once available?

[via AndroidCommunity]