Chromecast Belkin Miracast AA-1

While Google hasn’t officially announced the Chromecast for any country outside the U.S. yet, we know it’s coming soon, and one U.K. retailer already has a listing for the media streaming stick.

Currys, a major retail chain in the U.K., already has a listing for the Google Chromecast on its website before the official availability announcement. The page doesn’t list a shipping date for the device, and lists it as currently out of stock with no estimate for when it will be in stock.

The page’s description for the Chromecast doesn’t include any new details of the device, though it does list a price for the device. Currys prices the Google Chromecast at £30, or about $50. That’s a bit more than the $35 U.S. users have to pay to get the device, but the markup isn’t all that surprising.

The Chromecast is slated to come to more countries by the end of March, which means this Currys listing will probably list the device as in stock sometime in the next two weeks. Presumably other retailers will carry the streaming stick when Google is ready to release it internationally as well.

Are you excited about the Chromecast coming to other countries?