Chromecast Belkin Miracast AA-2

Around 10 million Chromecast units have been sold worldwide since the release of the streaming stick in July 2013, according to Google Korea.

The $35 stick launched with a handful of apps, but support for the device quickly expanded. Google Korea said there are now over 6,000 Android, iOS, and Chrome apps that are compatible with the Chromecast (for what it’s worth, the same number of apps was touted in October).

This is the first time Google provides hard sales figures for the Chromecast. In the past, company executives said Chromecast sales were “in the millions,” but mostly the company preferred to share how many “casts” were made with the devices: 400 million in July 2014, 650 million in October, and 1 billion in late January.

With the Chromecast approaching its second birthday, there’s been talk about a new version of the device that would bring improvements under the hood. But Google seems more interested in developing casting as a platform, by baking it into Android TV and opening it up to makers of speakers and other audio devices. The first Chromecast-enabled speakers are expected to arrive this spring.

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